when will independence come?

We are free from our Imperial British overlords! Over 200 years of independence and I must say, it feels pretty good. I imagine this feeling was felt throughout the world as progressively imperial frameworks and western strangleholds on the third world dissipated into independence and autonomy.

Unfortunately for the majority of the world, that joy was short-lived as western economic interests (especially US corporate interests) began imposing less obvious but nonetheless devastating controls upon them. Crippling economic sanctions for anyone who challenged the gospel of free enterprise on the nice end and near genocidal military campaigns fraught with torture, war crimes and all the fixings on the opposite.

If history is any judge, which I think it is, eventually the countries heavily controlled by western corporate interests whether by economic influence or through direct military occupation, will have their independence again.

I wonder what this will look like and how far are away we are. Will individual countries shed their American economic shackles through slow reform gradually phasing out foreign corporate dominance and enforced deregulation? Will violent revolutions occur in individual countries where bloody overt or covert wars will further drain the empire’s budget until its dried out? Will another superpower come along and best us at the game of global economic domination?

I am dying to hear the thoughts and ideas of anyone who reads this!


~ by Brad on August 8, 2007.

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