has violence decreased in Iraq? is the surge working? it doesn’t matter

Recently presidential candidates, politicians, pundits and others have been sniping back and forth about progress or lack there of in Iraq. Many were hoping the Petraeus report would shed a little bit of light on the questions hanging in the air. Unfortunately, no one should accept the claims in the briefing Petraeus gave the nation through Brit Hume and the war’s unofficial mouthpiece, Fox News Channel. As Glenn Greenwald points out, Hume acted more like the general’s attorney gently prodding him for answers and giving him the slowest softballs one could pitch. Hume did not do his journalistic duty to probe for truth and therefore it is hard to simply accept the claims made on this television program self-titled a ‘briefing’ instead of an interview.

If you cherry pick evidence then the effects of the surge and the war in general CAN appear to look like they are going swimmingly or conversely like they are sinking fast. There are a plethora of indicators that can be used to make these claims and with all claimants having obvious motive to portray the findings a certain way, none can be wholly believed. We need a truly independent commission to review the entire situation, present all of the facts and give an objective analysis. Shit, the Iraq Study Group already sort of tried this and were ignored by the administration.

It’s very difficult to see exactly how things are going in Iraq when you have the sources that accept pentagon and white house information unquestioningly and the other sources on the left that claim the information the mainstream media puts out must inherently be false. My point in writing this, however is that it truly doesn’t matter how well it is going over there.

The US illegally invaded a nation on false pretenses, lied to their nation and the world. After over a decade of devastating sanctions, the country was already weak and demoralized.

“…researchers with a Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) study in Iraq wrote to The Lancet, the journal of the British Medical Society, asserting that sanctions were responsible for the deaths of 567,000 Iraqi children.”

There never was any legitimate evidence of WMD’s, just ask Scott Ritter or Joseph Wilson. Much like they are doing today, the mainstream media (especially FNC) are taking talking points from the white house and pentagon and reporting them without any challenge or admission of where this information is derived from. The media failure in the lead up to Iraq is largely to blame for the masses of disinformation and flag-blindfolded marching in lockstep that took place. Nearly six months after the war started a USA-Today poll found 70% of people believe Saddam was personally involved in the 9/11 attacks.

The invasion was predicated upon lies and disinformation and continuing it at this point is as unjustified as starting it was in the first place. Not one more family, American or Iraqi should have to bury their friends and family. There are obvious economic motives behind this war and unless we the people challenge the profiteers orchestrating and administrating this atrocity than it will simply continue.

The point is that we have no right to be there, we are creating more terrorists, angering the world, draining our reserves, killing and being killed for absolutely no reason worthy of this wanton destruction and it is time to get out right now.


~ by Brad on September 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “has violence decreased in Iraq? is the surge working? it doesn’t matter”

  1. Couldn’t agree more, but at this point what course of action should we take? If you destroy someone’s home, surely you wouldn’t make them pay for the damages. Financially, the United States is in NO position to clean up this mess. This war has been filling the pocket of every major corporation except the United States government, so we can’t pay the reparations these people rightly deserve. Wait…they’re muslim? Oh, to hell with them then. God bless America.

  2. I think as far as reparations go it is logical to go after the beneficiaries. Proponents of reparations for slavery have gone after state governments, the federal government as well as corporations that profited from slavery.

    I think that Blackwater, KBR/Haliburton and all of the war profiteers should be forced to pay money to Iraq for the illegal invasion of their nation, the destruction of their infrastructure and more. I think the US should make trade deals with Iraq to guarantee markets for Iraqi goods and turn over those industries (mainly oil) to the Iraqi’s so the profits of THEIR resources can go to THEIR people instead of a handful of western based corporations.

    This won’t make up for what the US did but it is better than a continued occupation or the destruction of their nation sans acknowledgment of wrongdoing.

  3. If Haliburton and Co. are forced to pay reparations, who’s actually going to pay? Regardless of how much money they made, I highly doubt they can afford to completely rebuild a country. Let’s suppose for a moment that they can – I wonder who will be put in charge of rebuilding? I know! The US government can issue tax write-off’s for whatever the companies pay in reparations, and then HIRE those companies to rebuild! It’s win-win…unless you’re Iraqi.

  4. my point was that the oversight has to come from someone without economic incentive, like the US. I think the matter should be studied and what is in Iraq’s best interest should be enacted. The dozens, if not hundreds, of contractors profiting currently in Iraq could pay a percentage and the totality of these payments will go along way. The sanctions places on Iraq in the ’90’s stunted their ability to function in a globalized world and guaranteed trade markets is guaranteed money for iraq. Iraq has a stunning ability self-sustain with agriculture and they could increase their export of agricultural products in the region and world with US help. These are a few steps that could make a huge difference I believe but by no means an exhaustive list of possibilities.

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