Sunday morning political shows’ environmental amnesia

Democracy Now on Thursday reported on a study done by environmental advocacy group, The League of Conservation Voters (or the LCV) regarding the impotency and inconsequentiality of questions asked to presidential candidates in 2007 with a special focus on the Sunday morning political shows. Links to the transcript of that program as well as to the streaming video of the program in its entirety can be found below.

According to a site created by the LCV, out of 2,679 questions asked on Sunday morning politcal shows in 2007, only 3 have mentioned global warming while a mere 22 have discussed the topic in other terms. In other words, less than 1% of questions asked to the current and former elected officials and future leader of this nation have questioned their stance, commitment and record regarding global warming. Personally, I agree with the LCV that this is a disservice to the American voters due to the growing importance of the issue.

More on the subject as well as a video can be found after the jump

If I may be honest, I have never seen An Inconvenient Truth and I have not been following this issue nearly as closely as I follow international relations issues and an array of other political topics, some discussed previously in this blog. This is not to say that I am indifferent to this growing and largely unadressed problem, but I have admittedly not given it the attention that I feel it deserves.

With that being said, I would like to direct your attention to a brief video produced by the LCV discussing in a gravely comedic way how the presidential candidates are asked softball, asinine questions instead of questions related to global warming.

[If you are unable to view the video clip, the transcript can be found below by clicking the link directing you to the transcript for the Democracy Now program and simply scroll to the first set of indented text]

If you agree with the content of this message and feel that global warming questions should have priority over inquiries about Chuck Norris or if Obama’s cool is racially derived, feel free to sign the petition here.

Admittedly, I am generally not awake for Sunday morning political shows, and would probably avoid them anyway (~60-75% of my news intake is through independent sites and programs) however based on my years of formal and informal media studies this does not surprise me very much. Global Warming became a hot button issue in the recent past but why are we currently focusing on other issues and non-issues? Why in 2004 was the discussion so focused on gay rights and where has that discussion gone? Its seems odd to me that after heated (and often watered down) debates on gay marriage and other issues concerning the LGBT community in 2004 that 4 years later the topic seems so much less important.

I am not saying that global warming or gay rights should take precedence above every other issue in this primary season, but why are we asked so frequently about certain topics and others so often ignored?


Transcript from the 1/10/08 Democracy Now program

The streaming video of the Democracy Now program in its entirety.

The League of Conservation Voters home page again.

The petition to urge Sunday morning talk show hosts to ask more important questions.


~ by Brad on January 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sunday morning political shows’ environmental amnesia”

  1. I feel like I’m in some sort of backwards world. The only reliable news in America is told on a comedy network and the networks that covers news twenty-four hours a day are clearly one big joke. For the record, I was (and still am) curious about the relationship between race and coolness.


    A Statement by


    at major American universities and research organizations, including five Nobel Prize winners Gary Becker, James Buchanan, Robert Mundell, Edward Prescott, and Vernon Smith. The economists explain why Barack Obama’s proposals, including “misguided tax hikes,” would “decrease the number of jobs in America.” The prospects of such tax rate increases under Barack OBAMA

    are already HARMING THE ECONOMY.

    The economists conclude that “Barack Obama’s economic proposals are wrong for the American economy.” The proposals “defy both economic reason and economic experience.”

    Quote … The economists conclude that “Barack Obama’s economic proposals are WRONG FOR THE AMERICAN ECONOMY.

  3. You idiot! Why would you post that on here…

    1.) this has NOTHING to do with this post’s topic

    2.) why the hell would anybody believe your unsourced, ambiguous bullshit?

    3.) did you not look around? Clearly I am pretty damn far left… but in your head you think bullshit comments are going to change that?

    Keep dreaming and I’ll keep taking on people like you with my ambulatory device.

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