don’t forget to text your vote of this election’s MVP

Grab your pom-pons and your red or blue foam finger (sorry, no greens allowed) and get ready for the Pep Rally! Cable news is taking cues from ESPN and this race has turned into just a pregame show. it is astounding to me that in 24 hours, cable news programs are not able to cover the issues in any depth.

CNN provides the viewer with the latest state by state SCORES so every news consumer can cheer their team on. Issues are not banned of course but they just don’t carry the sex appeal and lack of substance that our MTV generation requires. We need graphics and maps and meaningless lines. The constant loop of repeating, reporting the candidates smears in place of objective discussion of the dire issues has made this election into just a game complete with online gambling sites and CNN showing the spread daily but not the true stakes.

courtesy of CNN

courtesy of CNN

You can’t miss the rating line omnipresent in the bottom third of the screen on CNN during the debates giving the consumers a reason to not pay full attention to the the candidates serious avoidance of the issues. This media misbehavior and paid PR-performances are not called out because this election is just a damn game played out in front of you with scores, pre- and post- game analysis and all the gossip you could want. I hear people everywhere in the media simply reciting the memes played over and over again more like parrots than pundits. Decorating our society are yard signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, and mugs sporting your favorite brand, team, candidate.

THIS is American democracy and currently the only thing we’re exporting, but even those markets are quite hostile these days.  In America we have choice- cubs or white sox; mets or yankees; senator or senator. Don’t forget to exercise your right to choose digital cable or dish; HD or blu-ray; red or blue… iPods. We have the power to change Washington and I hope you take your responsibility to our society more seriously than the media who are just selling ad space and filling the gaps with maps, memes, smears, slogans and scores but no substance. Is this your media or Rupert Murdoch’s? Don’t put up with this, support independent media and pursue discourse so that our democracy doesn’t get cancelled before next season due to low audience participation.


~ by Brad on October 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “don’t forget to text your vote of this election’s MVP”

  1. It’s amazing how shallow and apolitical our society has become when an election concerning politics has nothing to do with politics. The analogy of a sports pregame show is so true it’s disgusting. Great blog.

  2. From today’s LA Times:

    “[At a McCAIN rally in Pa] Supporters loudly chanted “USA! USA!” and waved red, white and blue pompoms, at one point interrupting McCain with a chant of “Pennsylvania loves John McCain!” He chuckled in response.”

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